737-400 Autopilot Approach Messed up?

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Everytime i try to use the default 737-400 jet in fs2004, when im coming in for a ILS Approach using autopilot, the jet seems to bounce up and down too much on the gludesloap. Why is this? Does anyone else have this issue?

It seems to chase the glidesloap needle insted of intercepting it.

Is there any fix to this? or is it something im doing wrong?

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Matthew Shope (mypilot) Chief Captain

I used to have that problem before I installed 9.1 Try installing the update for FS9 and see it that fixes it.

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Sean Cherven (DrBogger) Trainee

I found out what the problem was, it was because i had too much fuel in the jet, i had to empty some out before i attempted a landing.

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