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Hello there.

I know this is a long shot but i thought id have a try. Im pretty new to Flight Simulator and have just learned the basics of VOR approaches. I was wondering if anyone had any idea where i could get my hands of some free VOR approach charts so i can practice.


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See if these are of any help to you.

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Every instrument approach plate in the US: http://edj.net/cgi-bin/echoplate.pl

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

And my personal favorite www.myairplane.com.

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I was thinking of purchasing SimPlates 2004.

Can anyone review this or give me an indication of whether it is worthwhile.

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Someone asked about this once before, and I did a demo of it back then, but I wasn't too thrilled. Yes it does provide all the charts for you in a very handy space, but the charts are far outdated. The ones I fly with on VATSIM off of www.myairplane.com are all dated august 4 2005 - sept 1 2005. You'll never find something as current as that in the package =). Not to mention, the above listed chart sites are free!

However, one reviewer made an excellent point about this package, that it now eliminates the problem of you losing charts, forgetting where you put them, having to file them yourselves, etc. That is a problem with me, since I fly so often and my charts are constantly out of order! (I really should just get one of those pilot binders to store it all in).

So are you looking for good organization? or up-to-date free charts? Most of the reviews I saw on this came down to that point and most of them agreed that the charts would definitly be worth it if you invested the money, but that if you didn't invest it it's no biggie.

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I am also a fan of www.myairplane.com You might also check out moving map.

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