steps to becoming a 757 aircraft pilot

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What exactly does a person have to do to become a 757 sized aircraft pilot. How long does it take. Around what ages should someone begin studying. I would like to know all of the steps involved. For example, I plan on going to university, earning a masters degree in aeronautical engineering, and then going on to flight school. Thank you.

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You need to have a numerous ratings to be an airline pilot.

I'll put it this way, there's a reson why all the jumbo jet pilots are grey haired. They have been flying for 20 years or more before getting to the "big leagues?"

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Hi, im 16 and the RAF are sponsoring me for 5 years, i get free flying lessons too! then i have to server for them for 12 years. After that, i want to move to america and fly for a courier airline like FedEx or DHL. Im from UK u see. Good luck with uni mate


Right now? Basically impossible. The only airlines flying 757's in the US arent hiring and wont be for a while. It will take you many years and thousands of dollars to become a pilot at a Major airline. If I were you, I wouldnt waste 80,000 dollars at ERAU to become a regional pilot making 18,000 a year. Do you research. There are other, and better, ways of doing it.

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So what are you saying - Change my career plans? I don't think I will. I'll find a way to make it. If your saying there's another way to make it, well then, I hope there is.

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theres always the airforce. my uncle went through the airforce and now hes a first officer for alaska but we wont be a captain cuz he has such a high senoirty, but i have to talk to him and ask him what he thinks i should do cuz i want to be a pilot too.

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