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I'm wanting to buy two add ons for flight sim which is like for a whole region of south africa and this one cape town international as these both cover the same region, airport even, i was wondering if any of the two add ons would "take over" the other? or would i get cape town international from one add on and surrounding scenery from others?

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😀 Hello again
Theres not a lot of info about the 1st add on but seems mainly to be landclass mesh and the other a scenery file
Most scenery (i did say most) will sit happilly with alongside a mesh (there may be some overlaps)
Unfortunatly the only real way to say would be to buy & try

I have found two free South African d/loads here(down the bottom)

Hope it helps

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thanks man i really appreciate all this 😀

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Hey there tomthetank,

Thanks for the great link.


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