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Why I get these strange ,,well,,video echos while flying???? Looks as if I'm seeing a desert mirage...Airports at 3,500 ft. and only a few miles away seem to just flicker....

Also looking down at altitude,back all three directions looks clear,,BUT...Looking out front seems hazy,distorted,and just not right......

Now,,I'm no puter Guru,,but I have plenty of Ram and all that stuff..Along with one of the best video cards you can get they tell me...A radeon 7800 or 9800...I forget...But should be ample whichever...

I'm sure it's a setting but I just can't seem to get it correct...Is this normal for such a good puter???

Or should I be seeing good clear images....HELP......It is frustrating.....

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Check the ATI web site to see if there are any known issues between your Radeon 7800 or 9800 card and FS.

I have a Radeon 7500 and there is a know issue (reported on ATI's web site) with the single engine Cessna in FS2004 showing what looks like a pair of lines running from the tail of the plane to infinity....very annoying.


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Thanks Kevin....Will do that....Hope it helps......Now then...Where is that web address?????? 🙄

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I also get that "flicker" when I see airports a few miles away. It's probably not moving aircraft or flashing lights. I think that it is just the FS program giving you a "heads up" that there is an airfield out there--rather that a section of roadway or cow pasture.

The haze that you see when looking to the front seems realistic to me. When you look through many miles of air you see a lot of dust particles and drops of moisture. Over long distances they comprise "haze" and cut down on the clarity of the scene. When you look down from your aircraft you are only looking through 2 to 4 miles of air (depending on your altitude). Those 2 to 4 miles of air have far fewer particles of dust and moisture, thus the image seems to be sharper.

Glenn 🙂)

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Ahhhhhh... You may be on to something there Paiute....

But now I have a better puter and the graphic card is great........

Thanks for the tip.....Happy flying.....Mason

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