Piper Pa28-140 Cherokee

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Has anybody downloaded this aircraft (available on page 78 of FS2004 props on It was created by Ole Egholm, and I can't seem to get it to appear in the game. If anybody has used it please let me know.


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I downloaded the a/c and had the same trouble as you - on examining the aircraft.cfg file, I could see a lot of discrepancies. For instance there are supposed to be 2 texture folders (named CSF and DHD) - only 1 is evident(DHD), but the CSF texture folder is quoted in the aircraft.cfg file which includes [fltsim00] (DHD) and [fltsim01] (CSF) but because there is no corresponding CSF texture folder then a/c does not appear in FS9.
I edited the aircraft.cfg file to only include the DHD texture and the aircraft came up in FS9 OK. If you are very familiar with tthe make up of these cfg files then you can do it, but it is a fiddly process. There are other peculiarites in this aircraft download ( the need to d/l a panel from another site, a zipped panel folder with no instructions what to do. Rather than get involved in all the ramifications, I suggest you look around for another more easily installed Piper - sorry not much help.

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