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What do you think of the fuel demand its taking effect on airtravle like i tryed to book a flight six months from now and it would cost me $400 for an hour flight.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

You can always change it, in six months it could be $200 or $600, no one knows how much oil will cost then.


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

The fuel demand unfortuanately doesnt take effect only to airtravel....It effects almost anything we use in ourlives...As RadarMan sais we dont know which will be the Barel price in next days-months but i,personally,am not so optimistic that we are going to see lower prices.I wish im wrong.

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Canyon (NoWorries) First Officer

I just bought a bicycle. 🙄

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

LooL....Do you know if someone has discover the...steam jet 😉 ...engine??? Blink

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