Unexpected crash.

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I was just turning into the final leg of my approach to Eugene, Oregon. The weather was cloudy and I heard some thunder. There was a bit of turbulence, but not enough to worry about...or so I thought. All of a sudden, the plane went nose down and nothing I could do would pull it up. I was definitely above stall speed.

I assume FS weather can get freakier that I thought possible unless anyone can think of a different possibility.

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I had a problem with flying online, in that my mic switch was also my elevator trim up switch. I had no problem with it on the ground, because there was no speed, but when I flew a full SIDS without talking to ATC, and finally emerged at FL34 at about 500 knots(it wasn't a busy day and ATC was very limited), I check in with Center, and instantly the plane went STRAIGHT up! I was at FL 38 before I finished the transmission! It took me another time of trying to check in with Center before I realized that I had a key assignment malfunction!

Another thought, did you have autopilot on? Maybe the plane decided to pick a lower altitude or locked onto the glideslope?

And last, not that it has much to do with your flight, but I once crashed on landing into RAF Lakenheath in the nastiest weather you can imagine. I was being vectored to approach by MSFS ATC, and everything was going well. ATC kept saying, "You are below your assigned altitude, please climb to 2,800 feet." or something along those lines, and they KEPT saying it, but I had autopilot on and I was at 2,800 feet. "Please expedite your climb", "Please Climb", "Did you hear my last transmission" They kept saying it...

Finally I hit the ground at 2,800 feet! Apparently someone forgot to set the barometer, and it was something wild and crazy, I don't remember what, but I remember it was crazy...the replay showed me as little as six feet off the ground a couple of places until a very small rise in the East Anglian terraen swallowed my little 737!

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Since AP/FD were off for the Cessna Caravan and I was flying VFR, I'm beginning to suspect it was weather related. I had encountered increased turbulence just before "taking the plunge".

I realize my major mistake was NOT increasing the throttle since my speed was increasing. Had I done so, I might have been able to pull out of the dive.

Oh well, I guess I'll have to call my job and tell them I won't be in because I am dead. Crying or Very sad

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