pss a319 problem

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hello, i got the pss a319 with america west and usiar liveries and there are no textures for the landing gear and engines. has this hapened to anyone else, or does anyone have an idea to fix it, i really like them but its anyoning not haveing grey engines and wheels 😕

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Are you using FS2004 or 2002? I think most PSS products are geared for 2002 (except their A340 I think).

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Have you checked PSS's website to make sure you have all the Airbus patches installed? Mine works fairly well in 2004, but only after putting those on. Also, did you buy the liveries, or download them off their site? Sadly, some of the freebees are pretty carelessly done and can fall outside the aircraft boundaries (leaving just the grey visible). I payed for the United livery off their website and am really blown away by the quality of that...

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atreyu Captain

do you have a link on where i can download those patches

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