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cessna and waypoints

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I hope somebody will end my frustration today!

Pick up a cessna and plan a flight on FS9, you get the NAV log with way points and intersections (i.e IFR).

I understand that waypoints and intersections are points where radials from two VOR's meet. Now FS9 just tells you a name of the intersection with no details of which VOR's creates them.

How can you then know when you have reached the point. I understand waypoints can also be defined by a Distance from a VOR on a defined radial but the VOR frequencies are not given.

Without GPS, how can I fly these plans?

Does Micro soft expect us to find it out from else where of what.

Many Thanks
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You need charts for the area of flight.

The charts with the VOR frequencies, airways etc are usually called "en route charts". There are a few sites where you can find good ones, one that springs to mind is:

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