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I just reinstalled msfs 2004, and now when im in full view it looks all hazy. but it looks perfect in windowed mode. any ideas on what this is. Thanx

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It may be your video card, what are your system specs.

In the window mode the computer doesn't have to work as hard as it would if the screen was stretched out.


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Im runing a amd 2.0- Radeon x700 256 mb- 1gb ram. win xp. It just seems like i need to adjust the contrast butcant seem to find those settings... thanx again 🙂

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To get to the settings of your video card control panel.

Start/control panel/display/settings/advanced/3D tab/custom button.

That's where you can set the AA and AF for your card.
Set AA at 4 and AF at 8, you can try 16 and go back.
Don't forget to click on apply at the bottom when you see it.

Don't check the AA (Anti Aliasing) box in the settings of the sim and set the mip-map for 4 or 5.

If you are using the original drivers you can update to the latest on their (ATi) website, I wouldn't suggest getting their Catalyst Control panel, keep your old one. The new one may be too confusing to you, I don't use it either.

Let us know how you are doing.


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I tryed those settings and only the AF was diffrent from what you said. Still no change. I tryed diffrent games and they look fine everything is normal exept msfs 2004. Its very weird I played fs sence 2000 and never had this problem. Well thanx for tring ill keep looking around for answers. Thanx again

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