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After being away for a year some time Melvin Rafi [Creator of Meljet] decided to come back and begin work on his 777's and 747's again. He claims that he will be creating virtual cabins once again but this time he'll add a virtual cockpit as well. Another great thing is that he is busy creating a fully functonal cockpit for his 777. The gauges he has created so far look superb.

Here's a few pics for upcoming 777 and what he has to say:


These screenshots reveal a little on the instrument panel set that is under research & development for the 747-400 and 777. They are highly "work in progress", the instrument panel part of the project is probably only 1% complete, so you might notice some missing components. The MFDs are programmed as anti-aliased vector gauges. Note too the little intricacies taken into account in the instruments, such as a 3 decimal place EPR reading, the simulated fuel tank temperature in the lower right corner of the EICAS, the way the fuel quantity is presented (ie. how the value turns into a significant figure once it rises above 100 - "103" as opposed to "103.0", just like the real thing). This might give an idea of the realism and detail that I am working towards in the final product.

If you want to find out more about his work go here:

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