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I just installed cfs3 and I had had a problem with won't load every time I click on the icon it just keeps saying cannot find cd please reensert.So I do that but it still does that help! 🙄 😂

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Is your CD in a good condition...maybe it needs cleaning...or you have a bad driver.Let us know 😉

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Why not bypass it and use the no-cd crack like the member above did.


Alfie41 Guest

I've been there... Tried loading it into Virtual CD (recommended if you havent tried it), but whatever the error, it was now being copied across to the HDD as well. All my other CDs worked fine. If i didnt have a friend with the same disc, it would have been an expensive lesson!

So my tip is, create a back up of your CD if thats the way you are going to use it, or copy it to the Hard Drive using Virtual CD.

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