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Rick Lee Guest

Hi Folks, thanks for dropping in

just got myself the nice looking dsb_f5a from flightsim.com. Looks nice and seems to be handling great from the point of view of a novice fighter pilot.

Here's the problem:

The installation process is as straight forward as can be except for the Effects Folder. Besides the Effects (FX files) it also contains a Texture Folder filled with three Bitmap Images (f5_burner, fx_heat, fx_heat_r).

What am I supposed to do with it?

To complicate matters, my fs9 Effects Folder also contains a texture folder with no less than 24 bitmaps in it and I have no idea where they came from or which A/C they belong to.

I would have given up by now but the F-5 looks sooo nice and besides I have found a super panel for it- Tiger Panel New Generation.zip available here: http://www.opus2.ch/page_6.htm

Check it out if you like eyecandy - you won't be disappointed.

Oh yeah, and should you be able to drive away my Effects-Texture-Folder-Problem-Blues , needless to say , I owe you one.

Regards, Rick


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RadarMan Chief Captain

I would put the contents of the effects folder into the main effects folder.
Since you already know the names of the ones that are giving you doubts you can always find them and remove them should they give you any problems.

Also check the read-me that was included with the aircraft to see what he wants done with them.

Let us know how you do.


Rick Lee Guest

Thanks Radarman, a man can always count on you. Regarding the read-me I've learned that they're there for a reason and always follow them to the letter.

The read-me in this package is extensive but as far as insallation instructions are concerned, here it is:

Installation Instructions

Unzip into the root of your FS2004 folder

Not very encouraging.

I do appreciate your suggestion of putting the contents of the effects folder into the main effects folder - which of course I have done; the problem is that the effects folder in question does not only include effects i.e. FX Files but also an additional Texture folder including Bitmap images.

Now I can't help but thinking that putting a Texture folder inside an Effects folder is done for a reason and I'm dreading the sleepless nights I seem to be heading for until this riddle can be resolved one way or another.

A final thought - I know you've been holding your breath - if you open your effects folder in fs9 you might find a texture folder right on top, I think it's there by default, now THAT'S what I'm talking about.

Thanks again for your patience Radarman, you're a champ - do you ever sleep?

Regards, Rick

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I know about that texture folder inside of the main effects (there are two) folder but I never put anything in there.
If you click on the last icon on the tool bar and put your spot in "thumbnail" you can see what they look like, and do I guess.

Since you put everything in there as you say and nothing "bad" happened someday you might use that aircraft and find out why.
Those directions are like many that I've seen before, useless.

Sleep Me Umm... It only seems like it, we're probably on different time zones although I never needed too much of that stuff.


Rick Lee Guest

Thanks Radarman,

"If you click on the last icon on the tool bar and put your spot in "thumbnail" you can see what they look like..." I roger that. Good thinking.

I too had a brainstorm or should that be -waft.

All the files in the Effects folder have not only the same icon but also the same file extension, example: Opensky_beacon.fx. Type: FX Files.

As for the Texture folder inside the Effects folder: They have different icons and though most of those files have the "prefix" fx-... as for example: fx_barnstorm, fx_bubble, fx_smoke etc., they're actually NOT FX Files but Bitmap Images. This is according to the Properties.

So you know where I've put those stubborn files:

fs9/Effects/texture ...and no probs so far.

Finally, if anyone else has bothered reading through this, please don't be discouraged, this F-5 is a beautiful addition to any fighterpilot's hangar, she flys like a rocket and handles like a well trained pooch, not to mention the looks... drool - drool.The package is easy on your framerates. The panel is basic but well designed and readable. A Swiss enthusiast has created a new panel which must be the best freeware panel I've seen in a fighter a/c, download details are at the beginning of this topic.

What the heck, for good measure I'm gonna throw the Readme File into the mix:


Effective the 22nd August 2005, the following products are now considered freeware;

Hawk T1/A
Hawk 100
Hawk 200
Export Hawks
T-45C Goshawk

F-5A Freedom Fighter
F-5E Tiger II Expansion Pack
F-20 Tigershark

The above files are freeware meaning they can be freely distributed, uploaded and ammended as necessary. They may NOT be sold for profit.

The Hawk series is currently being adjusted to include an updated panel and sounds and will be available via most flightsim websites and the IRIS website shortly. The F-5 Series can be freely distributed by users.

Please note this applies to all past and present commercial releases of the above products and any future updates of the above products.

As is the policy of our freeware products, only limited support will be offered on these aircraft and we actively encourage users to assist each other with the forums.



Brice, D (2005) Current Freeware Listing
Retrieved 24th August 2005 from the World Wide Web:

Installation Instructions

Unzip into the root of your FS2004 folder


The F-5 is a supersonic fighter combining low cost, ease of maintenance, and great versatility. More than 2,000 F-5 aircraft have been procured by the USAF for use by allied nations. The F-5, which resembles the USAF Northrop T-38 trainer, is suitable for various types of ground-support and aerial intercept missions, including those which would have to be conducted from sod fields in combat areas.

The F-5 first flew on July 30, 1959 and deliveries to the Tactical Air Command for instructing foreign pilots began in April 1964. Pilots from Iran and South Korea were the first to be trained in the F-5, followed by pilots from Norway, Greece, Taiwan, Spain, and other Free World nations which have adopted the F-5. In 1966-67, a USAF sqaudron of F-5C's flew combat missions in Vietnam for operational evaluation purposes.

20 different visual models covering the F-5A and F-5C ensure accuracy over a variety of different liveries.
Numerous fixed bombs and stores available on the airframes.
Full 3D Dynamic Virtual Cockpit featuring animated control surfaces and custom gauges.
Animated Canopy and Drogue Chute with added braking effects!
Night Lighting including 'Slime-Lights'.
High detail textures with realistic weathering effects and reflective areas.
Rolling wheels and steerable nosegear.
Detailed flight model based on available F-5A data.
Custom automatic effects such as engine smoke, jet heat, afterburners and wingtip vorticies.
A choice of 10 high quality texture sets covering the United States Air Force, Royal Norwegian Air Force, Royal Netherlands Air Force and the Canadian Air Force.
Animated Pilots who move the aircraft controls based on your inputs!


Repacked and Uploaded by Keith Moore
email: keith_moore100@hotmail.com

Thanks again Radarman and everyone else who in this day and age still takes time out to read and ponder and thinks that patience is a virtue.

Regards, Rick


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RadarMan Chief Captain

I'm pleased to see that all is well with the effects.
I want to thank you for all of the information that you supplied regarding the new downloads.
I'm sure that some of the members here are more than happy to get some new fighter jets, I alas am a tail-dragger.


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