Good Gawd.........WTF

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Ok...Have been working on learning to unzip planes....Finally got it understood...See....There is hope for this Ol Dummy....LOL

BUT....The plane is in the correct place...Under MS Games,,Planes,,,Add on Folder...

It is unzipped there...Has all four files...Has a *Plus* beside it....But it is still not showing up in the game where you select your aircraft...

So,,Once again I'm a lost idiot.....

Damn.....Just Damn........... HELP....Thanks.....Mason[/img]

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Nope Don't give up yet. Surrender

I think that this explains it better than I can. 👏

Many 3rd party (add-on) aircraft don't have their own panel and/or sound files.

To reduce the size of the download they are configured to share these files with the default aircraft.
This is known as ALIASING.

The first things to check if an aircraft doesn't show up on the menu are the panel & sound folders.
I usually do this before installing a new aircraft.

If either folder contains just one file it will be aliased to another aircraft.

The file will be named panel.cfg or sound.cfg depending on which folder it's in.
If the aircraft it is aliased to is not installed to your Aircraft folder your new plane cannot show up on the Aircraft menu in the sim.

Some people will tell you to fix this by copying the panel & sound folders from a default aircraft or download suitable files & paste them into your new plane. This will do the trick but is generally NOT the best method. Panel & sound files take up a lot of space on your hard drive so why duplicate them if it's not necessary? It's a matter of preferen

Let us know if this Help!


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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

Thanks bud.....But I believe all files are there....I will go check in a second......

The plane is the DeHav Jazz something....Canadian...The red one..... If you want to know exaztly what it says I'll copy and paste here....Better yet I'll do it now.....Back soon....Mason

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OK my man Radar... Can't copy but here it is.....

-(folder) Plane Add Ons
- (folder) DC-6 SAS
* model
* panel
* sound
* texture. Alvar
* texture . skjold
- (folder) PAD Dash 8 Air Canada Jazz
* model
* panel
* sounds
* texture
- (folder) Pad Dash 8 Q 200 Factory
* model
* panel
* sound
* texture

Now then....The first Dash 8 was installed and would not appear before I installed the second one..I got it to see if the first Dash8 was messed up.......

Any help would get you great rewards....LOL

What Ya Want Bud??????????? Thanks again....Mason

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😀 Hello I've just found this and it sounds right up you street ➡

I've not tried this but heres the write up ➡

Ever wondered why an installed aircraft does not show up in the Select Aircraft dialog, or the sound is missing, or ATC does not call the aircraft correctly? FSACC lists all aircraft folders and checks for each selected folder the aircraft's configuration. Help briefly explains how these things link up.
It may help(hope it do'es)Good luck

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I'm a 67 year old Flight Simulator addict and hate to try to download "zip" files. I always manage to screw up something. To eliminate the problem, I downloaded "Addit! Pro for Flight Simulator 2004". It will run you $19.95 but this is a premier program that automatically loads your downloads to MS Flight Simulator. It's easy to install and I love it. It is actually a "total management" program. Adds, deletes, modifies sound, panels, etc.
Try it. I think you will be pleased for the price.
Tell them "The "Carkenfarker" sent you.

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Mason Gilliam (harleyman) First Officer

I will go check it out Crakenfarker....Thanks......

BUT.....After much research,,trail and error,,reading notes,and much help from folks here......................

I Figured it out.........

I was sending unzipped plane files to my created folder*Plane add ons* which I wrongly put into MS FL 2004..........WRONG......

They have to be placed directly into *Planes* from the original drop-down....

So all I had to do was drag them from my wrong folder to *the games plane folder*

YEA......Finally..... I got four new planes........ But...

My mustang has no panel,,,,Flys great though....LOL

And my large prop plane(forgot the name) engines seem to stall under half throttel...and only the left engines throttle has responce....Hmmmmmm I can fly by using mouse to ram throttles forward then chang views quickly as i'm off and rolling....LOL

Thanks Flyaway and RadarMan for all your help.......Have a great day.....

My wife says she has become a FS widow.....HeHe LOL

BTW...My adapter arrives today that will allow me to run my second monitor....Way COOL I hope....... See Ya....Mason

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