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I have three questions:

1. Is there an add-on for a radar? I keep hearing ATC talking to other planes, but cannot see them (I'm assuming they're more than 10 miles away.) Is there a radar add-on that would let me see where these other planes are in relation to me? Is there a way to expand the 10 mile limit that plane tags become visible? Would love to see where rain / snow is falling too. Is this possible?

2. I need help in explaining why using vectors are important. I understand how to set them up - I get the dotted white lines in my GPS, but what good are they? I just tune my NAV to the ILS, listen to ATC give my plane the correct heading directions to get lined up, and guide my plane in. What is the purpose of the vectors?

3. ATC is not aware of you and other planes, correct? More than once I've followed their instructions for the turn to final approach, only to have another airplane in the way, and I have to swerve out of the way....

Thanks for your help!


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1) I'm not sure there are radar add-ons (FEM or someone will probably produce 10 links in a second 😀 ). There are WX (weather) radar add-ons (payware, as far as I know).

2) When you (or a real aircraft) fly, you do so basically "maintaining own navigation". You follow your flight plan, based on charts, whether these be SID, enroute or STAR (or anything else). When ATC tells you "expect vectors for ILS approach, runway XX" it means "abandon your own navigation, put away your charts. I will now guide you towards the ILS and you will follow what I tell you (the vectors)". So, there is no "use" for them, that's just what they are. Directions in the sky.

3) Well, ATC in FS2004 is not the greatest, but overall it does ok. It is aware of other aircraft and that's why often you (or the other airplane) will get the instruction to "go around".

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