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Wobba Guest

Can FSPassengers be used in FS2002? Also, I would like to play online using FS2002, but when i try to find IP's, nothing comes up. Can Anyone help? Thanks

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Rick Lee Guest

Hi Wobba,

sorry, but I know nothing about flying online. Someone else will help you there, I'm sure.

Regarding FS Passengers here's a part of their page:

FsPassengers 2004 is an add-on for Flight Simulator 2004 that will completely revolutionize the way you fly in Fs2004. Here are just some of the features of FsPassengers 2004:

If you want to read more, here's the link ➡

I hope it answers at least one of your questions.

Good luck, Rick 🙂

Wobba Guest

bah ok. So i can't use fs passengers =[. But can anyone help me with the online part? I enter an IP to play on, but nothing shows up. I've read that it might have something to do with ports or something but I'm not sure. If it does, it would be very helpful to have a step by step cause i don't know what im doing otherwise. Thanks again

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Wobba...I hope this helps you:

Wobba Guest

I am running on FS2002 =[. I just realized i posted this in the wrong section. sorry Embarassed MY question is, what exactly is VA, how does it work, and can I use it with fs 2002?

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No problem for the wrong section 😉 .Check this:

Wobba Guest

Thanks! Now could someone help me with connecting to the internet? lol

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