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Ant489 Guest

Hi airbus fans, I'm looking for a good Airbus add-on for FS2004, i really want to have an A320 if possible?

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Rick Lee Guest

Hi Ant,

if you want a payware add-on, I can't help you any further. Regarding Freeware A 320s the hardest part for you will be to choose!

The bad news first: The site I'm gonna link you to has no blinking lights, Christmas trees and the like - just plain common alphabetical sense.

The good news: If you care to spend a few minutes figureing out how this drab looking site actually works, you will be greatly rewarded, I promise.

Now I'll take you by the hand and lead you step by step through the procedure - it's simple, really. As an example I've chosen an Aer Lingus because it's close to the beginning of the alphabet (sixth one down from the top - but we'll come to that in a moment), it's a beautiful texture and someone decided that it deserves a 5-star rating.

ok, let's start ➡

next: sixth one down from the top says Aer Lingus iFDG Airbus 320-2XX.

Move your cursor to the left of the word Aer and click on the four little dots - and you will arrive here ➡ Got it?

As you can see, a whole page is devoted to the aircraft your about to download. For many of us this information comes very handy.

Ready to download? The trigger is about half way down the page on the left in the shape of a floppy disc icon.

And here's the part that I personally really appreciate a lot:

The bottom half of the page lists Panels, Soundsets and Miscellaneous Addons compatible with the aircraft - saves you time searching numerous other sites for your bits and pieces which in turn translates into more flying time - ain't that cool?

Finally, I don't expect that you like the Aer Lingus - it was just an example. Browse the site and you'll probably find what you're looking for.

Good luck, I'd really like to know how you're getting on with this,

Regards, Rick 😀

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Manuel Agustin Clausse (Agus0404) Chief Captain

Hello Ant489!

There are many A320 aircraft to choose.

There is a payware one and a freeware one. Both have their good things.

Payware: PSS A320 Pro Package. This Package comes with an A319, A320, and a A321. The good thing is that the panel looks just like the real cockpits.

And here you have 2 reviews, if you want to read them. They include screenshots.

Review 1:

Now, let's go to the Freeware one:

The best freeware Airbus models, including the A320, are the iFDG ones. I have them and they are the best!

The website seems to be down right now. But don't worry. You can go to Sign up for free and download the iFDG models. To do that search for the Flight Simulator 2004 - Original Aircraft and then write "ifdg" or "A320" Look for the iFDG ones. You can also download repaints so that you can have more liveries. Most repaints include the model too.

I'll give you an advice. If you get the freeware ones, you need to download a panel for it. Otherwise you'll have the 737 panel. In the Avsim webiste, look in the panels section for "Ken Mitchell" or "A320" Download the A320 panel made by Ken Mitchell. That's the best freeware panel for an Airbus.

Also it's good to download a sound file. In the sound section write "A320" and download the sound that you want.

I hope this helps. If you need more help, just ask me, and I'll surely help you. 😉

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