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Hi Guys,

I know there is probably limited interest in here but I would like to point you in the direction of an exceptional community of individuals who make movies using the game mentioned in the subject.

Some of these movies are simply stunning - some are even moving!

They add effects etc .. camera shake real sound effects b&w grain etc etc but wow do these movies look real at times.

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Superb ❗ ❗

Only viewed the 'Come with Me' vid but it is great, no brilliant ❗

I used to have the first IL2 but couldn't get into it that much. This looks incredible, textures, battle damage all vastly improved. It's over to eBay I think.

Good find Insight

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most of the online community is using

IL2 Forgotten Battles with Aces Expansion Pack installed and Pacific Fighters installed into it

then go grab hyperlobby (google it 🙂)

there are tons of people playing co-op missions and flying in public dogfight servers

but you need the combined installation to be able to play with them all

flying co-ops is MUCH more fun than flying single player campaigns 🙂

(says he flying a campaign in Wildcats offline at the moment... just became an ace and got promoted.. not died yet 😀 )

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