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I'm having some trouble reaching my designated altitude, especially in larger jets. I was trying to fly with a 757 a bit ago, my designated alt was fl350 but i basically went into a standstill at fl335... when i try to reduce vertical speed the atc tells me to expedite my climb and when i speed up i stalled. is it just the airplane? what can be done about this?

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I am sorry you are having these problems. It is obviously important that the GFG (center of gravity) be in order so that your plane can climb correctly. Let me ask you how are you setting the weight of the aircraft in question? For example do you know what the weight calculation is for fuel and payload? --Another reason you could stall quickly is that the Pitot Heat is not turned on.

I would recommend that you set your climb speed to about 220knts to about 10,000 ft. then go to 240knts to flight level 18,000 ft. After that switchover to mach and use a mach .6 setting until you reach you assigned alt.

I believe that following along with something like this proceedure will fix it for you. --Let us know if you are still having problems with it or if this approach is not helping.

Good luck bro. 🙂

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that plane above is fly by wire is that correct

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I tried again, this time with a much longer takeoff roll, and i managed to get up to my crusing altitude of fl340, but by the time i got up there i was down around 200 kts and i couldn't get back up to my cruising speed of of mach .82. Ill try it your way and let you know how that works. Its possible that its just the airplane- but it seems to me that a 757 should have no problems at that altitude

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