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How do I get the expansion pack - PSS A320 Professional -to work in FS2004. It is designed for FS2002 but I would like it in 2004.


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liam (Liono) Chief Captain

Did you get ti from here

PSS Airbus

If so then it will work in 2004 as I have it. It's only 7.50. If you brought it from the shops then I don't know.

mikee747 Guest

I purchased the boxed version of A320 Professional from PC World before FS2004 was out. That means it does not have compatability with it. Is there a patch that exists with compatability update?

The software is the boxed version that came with a free A320 VHS tape. There is a picture of it on PSS website.


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Check out their website:

Under the left hand side menus you'll find a place to download the patches out there for it. I'm not positive that they have the FS9 patch on their website though...

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