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Weirdness in scenery in various altitude and landings.

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I recently purchased Mega-Scenery Pacific Northwest and Ultimate Traffic.
I have Ultimate Traffic on all commercial and general aviation. 100% Air traffic. I routinely fly from Stuart Airpark or Stuart Airpark West to KORS or Wellingham or Wetbey or even Victoria ... etc. When I fly over ets say Victoria at 7K feet I see no air traffic below. As I descend in altitude over the airport and get closer a bunch of traffic is generated. Is this a flaw in Altitude versus what the simulator want's to show you?

The other weird thing is sometimes I land at a major airport and there is not one single plane anywhere?

My last weirdness I want to share is KSEA I taxi to the famous runway 34R. Planes are everywhere. As I approach runway there is a SouthWest in font of me and several planes waiting behind me. I mean at least 10 planes all various airlines and models. All of the sudden I see like 10 airplanes coming in for a landing close together. One plane lands and the ATC tells the other 9 planes to go around one after the other. Then the plane in front of me taxis on runway and takes off and then myself. Weird, it's like Ultimate Traffic has a *Fart of planes to close or at the wrong landing times.

I think it's a flaw.

Anyway No Biggie but funnny and interesting stuff. Thanks for reading



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that happend me, when theres a bunch of planes landing close together, but i didn't have ut when that happend i was useing planes from project ai, and it was at ksea too. maybe theres something wrong with sea-tac 😕

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I've noticed anomalies in it also and I've had it quite a while.
My guess, UT has a flight plan for the aircraft all over the world. If it's interrupted in any way (you flying) that changes it and some disappear or go-around.
For $40 we can't expect perfection, just close to it.


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Yea, no complaints just wish I could understand it a little better. The only thing that is annoying is having to wait for the one plane to come in for a landing and the others going around. Backs up traffic something stupid. Next time I will see if I can take a couple of screenshots of this flaw for a good laugh.

Glad I am not alone on this one. Thanks Guys!

Geek 🍻


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