Twin Monitors with the Flt.Sim

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Hello everyone

Is anyone using two monitors with the Flt.Sim please?

If so, How does one set it up please? 😕



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Jon Van Duyn (JVD) Captain

I don't have two montors but I think Fs Manager can help fix that problem.

Just go here:

This is what I found underneath the picture it part of FSMs description:

If you have access to networked PCs, you can use FSM Lan View feature to create virtual cockpits with as many different views as you like. FSM also make it very easy to control Flight Simulator with speech commands, with additional support for auto-saving flight, warning system, and your own custom event sounds.

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francois1 Trainee

Thank you JVD I will give it a try.


francois 1

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Hi guys,

for what it's worth : I can only repeat what an IT-Professional explained to me recently.

If you want to use two monitors, your graphics card must support "dual monitor display" - in other words:
If your card only supports one monitor, than that's all you can use with one computer. The good news is that most of the new graphics cards have dual monitor display support.

The option that JVD is referring to presumes that you have more than one computer - hence the network talk.

In a nutshell : Find out whether your graphics card supports dual monitor display - if it does, you need two monitors and one computer.

It makes sense, doesn't it??

Rick Hack

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

I do use dual monitors for some years. It is great and I would not think to do with out it. Tell us what hardware U got And I will help U out if U like it
with the setting and some tips

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francois1 Trainee

Thank you Rafi:
My set-up

Abit Fatality AA8XE mobo
Pen 4 660, LG775, 3.6ghz 2mb l2-Cache, 800 mhz FSB with Hyper threading technology
Graphics Card : Gainward geForce 7800GTX with 250 mb ddr3 memory on board.
1 gb fast ram
Twin monitors
2 x DVD-writers


francois1 😉

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Netz Rafi (Rafi) First Officer

I wrote to U a PM.

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