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Rae.Johns (loner001) Trainee

hi all can someone tell me if the addons for flt sim 2004 will work in flt sim x please or do you have to start again with the addons thanks

guest Guest

most fs2004 add-ons will NOT work with fsx....sorry Embarassed

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Rodney Jacobs (GundamWZero) Captain

All of the FS2004 downloads worked for my FSX!!! Also FS9 worked also; even a few FS2002 files worked, but the panels are different, so they don't work, but they will still fly. 😀

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dragongo Trainee

yeah i had fs2004 work but for some reason fsx downloads wont work for me.

stogie Guest

I have been unsuccessful 4 times in loging in to do a download. Repeated attempts to resubmit a password have failed every time they tell me my password has been sent nothing happens!!!!!!!! any suggestions my attempts to contact the web site have been unsuccesful as well.

P.S. they have my money as well.

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