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some airport doesn't have boarding bridge for passenger in real world flight for boarding, is there a tool to create this ?[/i]

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For UK/British airports you can buy a CD rom called Britsh airports which adds various details onto airports such as gates, airbridges and taxi way lights.


yeah i knew it already, but i just want to add it too to my favourite airport so that it has the boarding bridge...

any other suggestion ?

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If you turn your scenery slide in settings all the way to the right, the major airports have jetway's.

See if this will help you, it's a great program (free).

What airport, they may make an add-on for it.


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If u want to add to ur game an boarding bridge so download the rwy12 object placer and do it u will have there alot of kinds of jetways .


yeah... i have already set the slider scenery to the right, and i already saw the jetways on the heatrow london airport, thx for the information..

i haven't tried rwy12, but it will take times for me to download it...

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Great, I'm glad that worked. I hope Runway12 works out for you, it's supposed to be an excellent program once you figure it out.


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