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I am a very big fan of FS2004, but what I like best are flying
I have just learned of the sequel to operation flashpoint, coming
out early 2006, it's called Armed Assault

In case you didn't know, it's a war simulator. The
reason I mention this here is because it allows you to fly both planes

In the original game, the airplane physics are garbage and
because of intense graphics, the view distance is limited, making it
very difficult
to fly. The helicopters, however, are very fun to fly. I haven't played
any other
helicopter simulation as challenging as operation flashpoint. My
fondest experience
has been flying online involving multiplayer missions where several
online players
depend on your flying to get them to a destination. And, you can fly
some cool choppers,
such as the apache, cobra, chinook and my favorite, the A/MH-6

And even better, you can set your multiplayer so that a buddy can use
the chopper's guns
while you fly.

I've tried flying choppers in FS2004 but I can never seem to control
them properly.
Since I've never flown a real chopper I don't know what the physics
should be like, but
they don't seem right in FS2004. In FS 'whilrlybirds' it is impossible
for me to land on the oil rigs. It's very frustrating and I end up only
flying planes.

Anyways, I bring this upcoming release to the attention of the flight
sim community
because I really think it will deliver the goods in terms of flying
combat missions
in an accurate environment with amazing graphics. I think this new
edition may also yield significant improvements in flight dynamics and
realism. I hope they will have fixed the 'airplanes' and scenery
distance problems. If that's the case, this could make for a very
interesting 'flight sim' involving combat. The possibilities of after
market addons are also plausible, as in the first version. This could
lead to the creation of new aircraft. Only time will tell if the flight
model will be acceptable.

Check this screenshot:

I can't wait!!!!!

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Tailhook Chief Captain

Thanks for pointing AA out to us. I guess we'll have to wait with our assessment until the game has actually been released Umm...

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

good i'm with you,i like choppers too alot.

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Insight Chief Captain

the reason you were unable to fly the choppers in FS2004 compared to op flashpoint is because the choppers in that are nothing like they fly in real life.

The idea behind flashpoint was that everyone could control all the vehicles relatively simply, for example I flew the helicopter portion of the single player game on that with my mouse and keyboard..

OFP was very arcadey in terms of the aircraft

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