Don't buy Guillemont aka Thrustmaster products...........

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This is my personal experience and opinion....
To whom it may concern:

I have included an entire series of threads concerning the repair of my
joystick for your reading enjoyment (that's scarcasm).

I can tell by your lack of response (again) to my inquiry this week that
your company is not going to honor it's warranty.

I have been waiting since early October for you to repair my joystick only
to find out now that you don't have the parts

and are now making excuses for not replacing my unit. My patience has run
it's course, and I'm tired of waiting for your company to do it's legal duty
under your published warranty.

If I do not receive a response before December 6th, I will take my own
course of action. Iwill spend considerable amounts of personal time to

negative advertisment and commentary via Flight Sim forums and their
associated sites, all retail sites that have "review" areas, and resellers,
to warn the user public of your product's useful service life and your
crappy customer response. I'm sure any potential customers would appreciate
knowing how your company does business. I trust that the damage to your
products reputation will be considerably more than if you would have treated
me fairly from the start.


Out of patience and very pissed off.

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or you could report them to the department of trading standards, which would hurt more.

If i read one bad review about something on a site, but there are 15 good reviews, I listen to the good ones and take it that the bad reviewer is mental 🙂

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Well, lets just say that if it wasn't for bad reviews alot of us would have wasted quite a bit of money by now. E.g Wilco A380.

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i tend to go on the overwhelming majority review, my point is if I see one person ranting like a crazed lunatic and everyone else saying "this is the GREATEST!!!!" i tend to ignore the lunatic

that said, i usually only go by people who review things for a living

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