Flying DME Arcs

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Hi folks,
I'd like to draw your attention to a site you can subscribe to free of charge and they will send you a really useful freebie once every three or four months. No other junk.
The freebies are normally in depth articles to do with --well, flying and I'm sure that even 'advanced' pilots can benefit from those articles.
The description of the present installment :

This free article is a 6 page advanced lesson for the advanced user that explains to Microsoft Flight Simulator heavy jet pilots the art of flying DME arcs.

The DME arc is an instrument approach procedure often stipulated on instrument approach charts.

It's neither an easy procedure to comprehend nor to fly but this easy to follow article clearly explains it to the flight simulator heavy jet pilot.

The link to the site ➡

It's worth it Read

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Thanks Tailhook will check it out. 👍

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Thanks for the useful info Tailhook 😉

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Yes, thanks for that, Rick! You rock! Punk

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