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Hi People,

Does any one know any aiport with a runway that has a DME arc appraoch.

I need to practice this approach.



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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

DME arc? What is the difference between that and a normal DME approach ❓


(UK) When I did my IR we used Sheffield airport to practice the DME arc not sure if this approach still exists there.

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Paiute First Officer

Approaches that use a DME arc are sort of hard to find, however I managed to come up with several that may be of interest to you.

The following airports have instrument approaches that use a DME ARC as part of the approach.

CHAMPAIGN/URBANA, Illinois (code KCMI) -- VOR/DME runway 22R

FOND DU LAC, Wisconsin (code KFLD) --SDF to runway 36

DANVILLE/VERMILION COUNTY, Illinois (code KDNV)-- VOR/DME runway 3 and runway 21

BATTLE MOUNTAIN, Nevada (code KBAM) -- VOR/DME runway 3

OGDEN/HINCKLEY, Utah (code KOGD) -- VOR runway 7

DOUGLAS/BISBEE, Arizona (code KDUG) --VOR/DME runway 17

Enjoy your flight to those exotic destinations. 😛


Thank you guys

Don Wood Guest

To answer Chief Captain's Question about the difference between a DME approach and a DME Arc approach:

First, there is no such thing as a DME approach - what you are referring to is a VOR/DME or ADF/DME approach. Since the DME only indicates distance and not position, you could not fly a semi-precision approach using just the DME. With the VOR or ADF/DME approach, the DME is used to identify way points along or near the approach course.

On the other hand, the DME Arc is a part of the semi-precise approach that defines a route to be flown to reach a final approach point. Typically, the approach will call for an arrival at a waypoint near the airport but off the final approach course. It will then call for flying an arced course in which you are contantly turning toward the final approach course while remaining a specified distance from the DME facility.

Flying that published course ensures being able to intercept the final approach on the VOR or ADF while remaining safely clear of terrain or other obstructions enroute to that interception.

This approach is one that needs tons of recent practice. Making a constant rate turn that keeps you a specified distance from a DME is not nearly as easy as it sounds and becomes much more difficult with any significant wind. Since you are continually turning, you must constantly alter your drift angle correction, no matter whether the wind is steady or variable.

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

Surprised Sounds extremely difficult. Thanks 🍻

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Barge First Officer

WOW that sounds really that just one option at the airports that have this approach or is there still VOR and stuff, coz i sure wouldnt like to do that in real life all of the time!!!

Don Wood Guest

Barge wrote: "WOW that sounds really that just one option at the airports that have this approach or is there still VOR and stuff, coz i sure wouldnt like to do that in real life all of the time!!!"

DME arcs are not used all the time or at many airports. Their primary use is at airports where terrain or conflicting traffic from other airports prevent long straight-in approaches such as an ILS or a standard VOR approaches. Nonetheless, they are a required part of an instrument pilot's skills and, because they are more difficult than many other approaches, they should be practiced often.

If you want a real challenge, find an airport with an ADF/DME approach and practice on that. ADF approaches are more difficult for most beginning IFR pilots than VOR's and the DME arc complicates either one. It's a lot of fun to do it precisely once you learn how but learning and retaining the skill can be a bitch.

JCaputo Guest

ILS or Loc/DME RWY 2 Durango-La Plata County (DRO).
That's the Appoach plate for an ILS Approach to KDRO Runway 2
Durango-La Plata County Airport. It Has two DME Arks. A Left Ark
and a Right Arc.[/code][code][/code]

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