Cessna 152 for FSX with a DME?

lbaxter Guest

❓ Hi all - does anyone know where I can download a Cessna 152 simulator that's compatable with FSX and contains a working DME (Distance Measuring Equipment) kit on the instrument panel. I've been using JustFlight's C152 add-on to practice various things for the real aircraft flying lessons, and it's been brilliant and accurate. However, now I'm practising instrument approaches for my IMC rating lessons, I need DME. The only other C152 I can find that has one is Flight1's, but it's the FS2002/2004 version that's not compatible with FSX. They do carry a different FSX version, but annoyingly they've gone for the "spartan panel look" that takes the DME away! In the meantime, I'm flying FSX's bundled C172 (which has a full radio navaid stack) but I'd much rather simulate the type I'm actually flying for my lessons. Can anyone help?

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