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Can anyone provide an alternative to Vatsim for Flight Sim. I hate ignoring default ATC, but I have to, in order to fly my SIDS/STARS. I refuse to fly VFR in a 737 too. I tried Vatsim once, but there are soooo many downloads required, and it just got too complicated with so many errors happening here and there. Does anyone know a simpler alternative, which delivers similar quatlity? Thanks

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The only Vatsim requirements I know of are membership and either
squawkbox3 or fsinn.

Are you talking about an onlime atc or an offline one that is better than the default?

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Kareem El-Sadi (crosscheck9) Captain

Online or Offline -- Either would be good...I prefer not paying anything though. Anyways, I downloaded Squawkbox 3, and it didn't go well. Many things were wrong. It's a complicated procedure. I'll try again though. Thanks for the help 😀

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John Hodges (originalgrunge) Captain

Yeah, I had already gone through the "hassle" with squawkbox 2, so after that setting up SB3 was a breeze to me! Took so much weight off of set-up, connections, and just so many other things. Make sure you get the latest version as well 😀

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What are SIDS/STARS?

And here's a question about VATSIM. Does the "world" of VATSIM, which is populated by real-life simmers, have AI planes as well? I would imagine it might be a bit unbalanced if it didn't (i.e. everyone would fly a certain airline, everyone would want to fly to a certain airport, the majority of flying would be done in the U.S. etc.) Correct me if I'm wrong please though.

Also, what is this squakbox?

I'm new to all of this, thanks 🙂

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there are no AI aircraft in VATSIM (only what people fly). This however does not mean everyone is of the same airline. There is actually a surprising number of "real" and totally fictional airlines operating on the VATSIM network. As for traffic, yes, it can be very low sometimes and there are airports that "hog" traffic, but not just in the U.S. For example, the U.K., Germany, France, Hungary, Greece and more european countries have full traffic. Asia not as much (Japan does, some others) etc. Also, don't expect Smalltown Regional to have heavy traffic. Most (but not all) traffic is between bigger airports. Let me tell you, an airport with 6-7 aircraft taking off and another 6-7 on approach with a couple of live controllers is a sight to see!

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