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Since switching over to yoke and pedals, I've only had problems with one plane, the bare metal DC-3.

It's fine in the air, but ground handling is a problem. Getting the plane to turn is an ordeal. I've tried everything I can think of, including differential braking. Any ideas?

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Shift+G locks and unlocks the tailwheel. That might be the problem.
I always taxi with full flaps, it seems easier because it slows down the aircraft.


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Thanks, I knew you would have an answer about the DC-3.

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The locked tail wheel may have been your problem, but differential power makes turning a lot easier to.

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Aha! A reason to get the CH Throttle Quadrant. 😀

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I had the same problem along with a few other little hitches. Then I discovoured this patch (not sure where for the moment) but have copied the info file for you.

It has made a helluva improvement on the flight model and taxing etc.

See how it goes. I 'll try and find the source if you have problems


*** VERSION 7.3, dated October 23rd 2003 ***

I have also added an extra aircraft.cfg for those of you who downloaded the 'SPECIAL EFFECTS'

By Trev Morson
web site:

Back up your default aircraft.cfg first and rename to
aircraft.bak Install this one to replace the one you renamed.

I have adjusted the default Microsoft DC-3 to be more
realistic. I get to fly our own DC-3 'N763A' quite often.
So I feel somewhat qualified to be able to present these
flight dynamic adjustments.

There are a few 'alledged' fixes out there already,
however I have tried them and found some flaws with
them, so I did my own according to my DC-3 flight

This Aircraft.cfg file features the following....

1. The DC-3 will now not level itself out on a coordinated turn
(This was the biggest issue and is now fixed)

2. Flaps now have a little more drag when used.
(Will realistically slow down for landings and you
wont roll down the runway so much)

3. Differential braking now has a little more power.
(Will realistically allow for tighter turns during taxi)

4. The DC-3 itself now has a little more power.
(Default version is underpowered and used up too much runway,
and.. Default version cruise speed was a little low).

5. Corrected Manifold pressure from 47" to 48" full power
(Default version had it slightly wrong)

6.Fuel is now down to 200 per tank
(Default has version was a little over)

7. All control surfaces, ailerons, rudder and elevators have delay
(There is a certain lag time when flying a DC-3 and it now shows
with these corrections which delays your input to the controls)

8. Elevator trim is fixed
(To much play in the default elevator trim , it is now fixed with
less play and also has a delay/lag effect)

9. Rudder trim now with delay/lag

10. Aileron trim now with delay/lag

11. Correct fuel burn, DC-3 will burn exactly 90 gph during crusie of 2050 rpm, 30" Map, Auto Lean.

12. Manifold pressure will decrease 1" per 1000 feet after reaching 2,000 feet altitude.

13.Exactly 140 kias on full tanks at 9,000' ASL

14. Added Strobe Lights to the wings

15. Adjusted steering (just a tad) for better taxiing

16.Prop (rpm) and Power (map) throttles interact correctly
Took off some delay with ailerons and rudder
Removed some drag and pitch up from the flaps
Added more brake power to the differentials

17. Adjusted critical altitude again

18. adjuted MAP slightly and overall power a tad.

I have also added a corrected DC-3 reference that is "PERFECT". This
goes into your main FS2004\Aircraft\Douglas_DC3 folder.

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I really appreciate your effort, but the plane in question is not the default DC-3.

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earthqu8kes First Officer

Group Wave hey everyone be happy! 3 days until the 70th aniversery of the DC-3! Group Wave

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I think mine has all its original parts plus a lot of duct tape. Whistle

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