impossible to taxi in the dc-3

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Darren Elliott (darrenvox) Trainee

im flying for a virtual airline that allows me to fly the dc-3 but upon tryingto taxi in the dc-3 its very hard and impossible...ive used the differential brakes/ hard rudder, and everything else...but no avail...its very hard...

anyone got any remedies for this

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RadarMan Chief Captain

I always taxied with full flaps.


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Bob (Traches) First Officer

There's also the tailwheel lock... Shift+T I want to say? You should look it up though.

Are you using a keyboard or a joystick for rudder control?

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Have you considered the MAAM DC-3? I don't have it but I've got a couple of their a/c and they are excellent. I would imagine that the MAAM DC-3 is easier to taxi and has all around better flight dynamics.

With a little bit of googling you'll find there is a huge fan base out there and it should be pretty easy to get support.

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Darren Elliott (darrenvox) Trainee

thanks guys but i fixed it!!

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Tailhook Chief Captain

darrenvox wrote:

thanks guys but i fixed it!!

How? Share your knowledge Idea

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Darren Elliott (darrenvox) Trainee

downloaded a file on that changes the data in the aircraft.cfg so that i can taxi with ease!

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Tailhook Chief Captain

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nyguy72000 Trainee

Did you know that in WWII, the junior mechanic would sit on the wing and guide the pilot into the revment? That's one way of doing it !!!

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acepilot32 Captain

This is why i never enjoyed flying tail draggers... except the piper cub <3

Antonio Carlos Costa Guest

Go to "contact points" in the acft configuration file,and simply change in the 8th parameter,on the first line, from 180.0 to 60.0
That's all.You will taxi and follow the yellow line as you wish.Happy flies!

W. van Teeffelen Guest

I just read your hint fro 2013 on a question addressing taxiing DC-3 from JustFlight. I had the same problem and tried to tackle it with your suggestion to change a aircraft.cfg file.
You wrote:"contact points".

But I cant find any line with this item. (I'm driving FSX on Windowd 10)
Maybe you remember?
I would greatly appreciate your answer
sincerly w. van Teeffelen

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