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i got pmdg 737 800/900 and i need to know if any 1 can work the fmc. as all other planes u can import the plan and it all done and i need to know how to do that to this 1

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Well, you can't import a flight plan, but you can buy programs like FSBuild2.2 that exports it into PMDG's format. Since the PMDG FMC's let you save and load flightplans, you can just create a save file for your route.

I personally prefer doing it the long way, as it's not that long afterall!

If you have flight simulator create a route for you, you can open up the kneeboard and move down to the "route" page. Here you see a list of all of your waypoints. Open up the FMC and head to the RTE page. Enter your departure/destination, then hit the next page key. On this page, you load in your waypoints on the right side, and your jetways on the left. For instance, if the flight simulator comes up with a flight plan (ficticious):


It would probably show up in your list as PERCEY, and then a bunch of waypoints with the "J94" next to them, then ROBIN and DWANE. The beatuy of the FMC is you don't have to load all those waypoints! Simply type the first waypoint on your list of the jetway:

------ PERCEY <<

then the jetway:

------ PERCEY
>>J94 --------

And finally, whatever waypoint is just after the last one on the jetway list:

------ PERCEY
J94 ROBIN <<

If you don't have a jet way in use, simply keep entering waypoints on the right hand side and it'll just fly you direct. It may sound tricky now, but a little practice and you'll get it!

When you're done, go down to the bottom right to the "Activate >" tab, select it, and then hit the glowing "EXEC" button betlow that.

The FMC is great for so many things, but once you get this down you'll really start appreciating it!

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