FEM to play "Der Metzgermeister" in Mock Rock '05

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Yes, it is true. FEM's drama class is having a "Mock Rock" Where you pick a song and lip-sync to it. I picked "Mein Teil", like the one in my sig image. I have on a chef-coat, blood drips from my mouth as I sing, and my pappy made me a 15 inch aluminum "knife" which I duct-taped to a old crappy microphone. This is the most incredible performance in the Mock Rock, unanimus vote by everyone in the class, and the teacher even said that if it were any more "intense" than it is, her job could possibly be in jeopardy. I know how to push the limits safely, believe me, i'm a expert pyro (Then again, "expert" and "pyro" shouldn't mix)...

You can definately expect pictures, and if I can get hold of a proper camera, a live video...be warned, this performance is very over-the-top, and possibly not for very young viewers. More to come as time moves on. Main performances on Monday and Tuesday.

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Wacko Wacko Wacko Wacko


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