Santa - Parachutes...? Have a look for yourself

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Few people realize that Santa Monica Airport, where the venerable Douglas DC-3 first flew on 17th December 1935, was named after Santa Klaus and his wife Monica. The Man In Red was quick to spot the benefits of undertaking his yearly mission in a mode of transportation ideally suited to the task, and was one of Douglas' first customers. "Hallmark Cards and Thomas Kincade can keep their reindeer and chimneys", he declared. "I'm going with Pratt and Whitney. Fuel me up, elf". And so it is today. 70 years later, if you look up into the sky on Christmas Eve ... there's every chance you'll get hit in the eye by a plummeting box, should any of Monica's hand-sewn parachutes fail to open. Based on the default DC-3, with parachute present delivery effect adapted from the work of Pierino Primavesi. Also features Christmas lights on the cabin top. Merry Christmas to all! By Mark Beaumont. 3MB

This is from here where you can also get the file ➡

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Is that good or bad??

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