"Getting started" videos won't play??

calbert Guest

I just installed FS2004 without any problems except the videos won't play in the "Getting Started" section. I have a new Dell PC with Windows media player 9 installed. I just re-downloaded the same off the Windows site. I downloaded a Nimo Codec Pack (lite version) to try to solve the problem. No luck. I hear the King's talking about flying(in the video), but no video! The rest of the simulator works fine. Does anyone have any idea what's up with this???


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tomthetank Chief Captain

😕 I think you will have to uninstall WMP and then try reloading it from the Fs9 cd

As your pc is fairly new they should play no probs(can you play other vids on WMP)

calbert Guest

Originally when installing FS, a prompt tells you you need WMPlayer installed to run properly...and do you want to install it now? Well, I have a new computer with it installed (came bundled with the PC) so I chose NO. This is where the problems started. So, I uninstalled WMP and FS.....then re-installed FS and chose YES to re-install WMP. Now everythings working fine. Thanks for the reply.

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Jaydin Trainee

Kinda late now,...but for others with similar problem heres another way.....taken from the Readme file in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Flight Simulator 9\ folder.... ( All the way at the bottom ):

Installing Windows Media Player to View Videos
If you did not install Windows Media Player (WMP) while running the setup program, you can still install it. Simply place Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight Disc 1 in the CD drive. The WMP files are located on Flight Simulator Disc 1, in \Redist\WMP.

Accessing the Windows Media Player (WMP) folder and its contents

1. Insert Flight Simulator 2004: A Century of Flight Disc 1 into the CD-ROM or DVD drive.
2. In Windows Explorer, double-click the CD-ROM or DVD drive, double-click the Redist folder, and then double-click WMP to open the WMP folder.


Installing Windows Media Player
• In the WMP folder, double-click the appropriate file for your version of Windows:
o Double-click MP71.exe for Media Player 7 on Windows 98.
o Double-click MPSetup.exe for Media Player 9 on Windows ME and Windows 2000.
o Double-click MPSetupXP for Media Player 9 on Windows XP.

kbl100 Guest

Hi, I have the same problem. Installation worked fine. Flight simulator FS9 works all good on Windows 7. However when starting a training video or the getting started Video I only see 3 sec video and sound and then the program dumps. I reinstalled WMP, however can not do it from the MFS 2004 CD (as now on Windows 7). WMP works fine for all other application.
Could I start the videos directly from the hard disk (could not fine those)?

kbl100 Guest

Hi, just found the videos on the drive while searching out of WMP. They do work when started out of WMP direclty. That should be fine as there are not too many. Txs.

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