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I have installed and am using AirNav's FS Live. It works as advertised so I am happy with simulation. One problem - after landing and switching to ground frequency, I no longer can request taxi to gate instructions. Instead, I am handled like VFR traffic and given taxi for takeoff options only. My flights are all IFR and this feature worked everytime before installing the AirNav FS Live software.
Anyone else have similar problem and have fix?

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madbrit Guest

I don't use the add on but I recall reading somewhere that it has to do with no gates or parking slots being available. You have to wait until one becomes vacant.

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AirNav told me to go into FS2004, under settings, under scenery to move MyWorldAirports down as far as I could. I did and the problem stopped for a few days and then returned. Now it happens sporadically and open gates has nothing to do with it. I could wait forever and nothing changes.

Also another glitch... the VOR ID no longer changes when I lock on to a new VOR. I have to go into my radio stack, change the VOR frequency and then change it back before the ID is correct. The needle points correctly but the ID does not.

AirNav says it's not their problem but this worked fine for the year I've used FS2004.

Also, ATC has requested climb to FL930 for some traffic. Anybody got a plane that can climb to that flight level??? I think AirNav has a few bugs to work out.


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