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Hi All,

Just thought I would share my first proper experiences of FSpassengers with you all.

Today I created my new company (Easyjet(UK)), total aircraft 1, a brand new Airbus A319-100.

I have flown a total of 3 flights now, Luton to Cork, Cork to Gatwick, Gatwick to Edinbrough, all being really sucessfull. I have flown all 3 flights with 100% satisfaction levels, but unfortunately, only 2 of them have been "perfect" as I misjudged the fuel allowance on my last flight by 5nm 😞 so, I got a fine.

I am putting my airbus to sleep tonight but we will be back up and working tomorrow (Xmas) to take another few hundered passengers from Edinbrough to Belfast, then to Amsterdam then back to Luton.

Should hopefully be some nice hours in the sky, probably about 6 in total.

Have a good Xmas all

Speak soon


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Keep with it leachus...Its a great challenging progam.

Merry Christmas to you too. 😉

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tomthetank Chief Captain

I think its a great addon for fs9 👍
If you want to improve your points,then set destination and time of arrival.Thats gate to gate,the clock stops when you apply the parking brake.
Oh and dont forget to goto the Manager screen and check for any maintainance that needs doing,if you have a problem in flight and poor maintainace is to blame,you get fined again

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