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I got FlightSim Manager a while ago. then one time when I was flying I noticed that the ground texture, did not look like it used to before I got FlightSim manager. For a screenshot of the ground e-mail me at:

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Since FlightSim Manager doesn't do anything on its own, I'm going to assume you used it to install something. In a lot of cases, it gives you an opportunity to create a rollback backup file. Did you do so? did you keep a record of those things you installed?

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What I think I did was when I set it to VFR Mega Scenery that's when the ground scenery no longer looked normal, but I'm not sure.
I never used it to install anything.

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Try the following. In FS go to your scenery library settings and simply uncheck the MegaScenery items. Shut down and restart FS. Do the ground textures return to normal. MegaScenery needs a lot more RAM than they advertise. Especially if you are using large aircraft, GMAX models, etc. Is your scenery appearing blurry and without detail?

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Where can I download this. The sight doesn't seem to work. please reply to

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That site has been down for a long time. Here you go, knock yourself out ➡

I advise caution when you use the utility. Idea

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