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Anyone else have a problem with these people?

They offer there site to 'nonpaying' members but make it miserably difficult to access. I have been unable to get in for 2 weeks!!! I complained and they said 'paying' members have priority.

Here's the problem: 1- MANY freeware 'builders' place there FREEWARE ONLY on
2- OFFERS FREE access to there site. They ADVERTISE as such. 3- offers a 'Premium' service.

BUT!!!! has no partitioning of there site!!!! This means at times, (like now) ONLY paying members can access the site! They advertise FREE access to nonpaying members, BUT Non paying members cannot get in to access FREEEEEEEE WARE information that is FREE AND needed in some cases for the proper operation of other FREWARE utilities!!!

In Essence, that are Charging for FREEWARE by making it impossible to access their site unless you pay for their 'paid' membership!!!

AM I the only one here!!!!???!!

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I get in every day but not always on the first try. Keep going at it until you find a time of day that it's empty. You can check out what's new every day but not download unless you are logged in.
The download speed for non members is agonizingly slow but it's a free service that they don't have to give.
$30 A YEAR buys privilege, money talks.
$5 for a LIFETIME here buys membership.


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