Level D 767 configuration manager not working?

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Hi all,

I got the Level D 767 for a couple of weeks now, and as you might already know, I fell in love with it Embarassed

Anyway, my problem is with the configuration manager. I tell it to make the plane light and all, just the way I like it and save my settings. But when I start up the flight the plane is full of fuel and payload, like FS9 just overwrites the settings I made with the manager.

Is there any solution to this or should I just use FS9's fuel and payload panel to set up the plane?

Cheers 🍻 NSX

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Have you tried to RESET to default settings and start from scratch?

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Tried it, worked one time, after that FS9 took over again with it's "to the moon and back" fuel settings. 😞

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Strange one..
I never use the config manager, but an excel calculation sheet and FSPax instead, to determine pax, fuel and payload. I go through a full manual configuration for each flight.

You can try setting up the plane just how you like it, then save your flight as the default flight. Then exit FS, use the config manager, and load it back up, see if it still changes the configuration on its own.

Alternatively, although I have never tried it I think it should work:

Start FS9, load your flight. then switch to the config manager and configure your plane. Now back to FS9, go to "select aircraft", select the LDS767 again to reload the plane in the sim, and see if it now has the right settings.

Good luck,

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