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Has any one had any problems with the Learjet 45's auto pilot in FS2004, last few flights nothen has worked, and also for some reason when im sitting still my electronic gauges are saying im moving can any one help me out with this, and one more thing when one engen flames out is it possible to restart it or do i have to land?

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Exactly what is wrong with your A/P? What are you trying to do that isn't working? Are you flying GPS, or a heading, or VOR, or what? Altitude hold?

I fly the Lear more than any other aircraft in FS09, been around the world twice (once west to east, once north to south) and I can't say I've ever had problems with the A/P. Not unless I made a mistake, of course.

Regarding the engine problem-- is it shutting down because you programmed an engine failure in the Realism settings? If yes, you need to clear that failure first. Then you can restart the engine by pressing ctrl-e, or run through the engine start-up routine in the checklist. If you have enough altitude, that is. 😉

You have to hold down ctrl-e for quite a while, until the engine starts and comes up to speed. If you let go too soon, the engine will not start.


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Oh, I just re-read your post about the instruments say you're moving, when you're not. Your airspeed indicator (either analog or digital) will continue to read the speed of the wind when you are not moving. After all, it measures air speed whether it's you moving through the air, or the air moving by you.

But if it's showing anything higher than is reasonable for wind speed, something is wrong.


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My A/P would not adjust speed or go to the right direction or alititude.

How would you clear an engen Flame out, well im guessing it was caused by FSpassengers

im looking for propers steps if there are any

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Did it work before, (as you wrote "last few flights")...and does it work now in other planes?

Perhaps you'd be best off taking some time to describe the steps you follow one by one, maybe someone will spot something..

If not already done so, maybe try using keyboard commands to manage the functions? like press Z to enable A/P, press Ctrl+H to enable Heading Hold, or Ctrl+V to enable wing leveler...(depending on your set key assignments obviously) and see if that's making a difference..

Long shot, but who knows.. 🙂

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