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I'm on Windows XP, my system is...
160GB HD
516MB Ram
Radeon 9600 (Drivers uptodate)

I've had trouble running FS2004 - either the game would freeze, knock off and send me back to the desktop, or reset my computer completely. It was that bad that I ended up sending the computer into the repairersfor them to look at. They couldn't find a fault and ended up taking everything off the computer and putting it back to factory settings. Since getting the computer back I have tried to load on a couple of games, but each time I do this, FS2004 will not run again, and so I end up having to uninstall them. I've found that when I disconnect my internet (Telewest Broadband) FS2004 seems to run fine again. Can anybody tell me why this happens, and if there is anything I can do about it? Are there any fixes or patches available to sort this problem out?

Mac 😕

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This was suggested to another member today.

Macdeb, You don't say what your CPU is but "intensive graphic" Sims like FS9 will often do that. You have an excellent video card, possibly the drivers are corrupt.
Download the latest driver to a folder on the desktop, don't use it yet.
Delete the drivers.
Use can use a driver cleaner if you wish, try without it the first time.
Delete your video card in the "Device Manager".
Don't let Windows install new drivers.
Now you install the driver in the folder on the desktop.
Do the same with your sound card drivers, they can cause a problem. (Driver Cleaner won't work on them).

I would also shut down your Anti Virus while running the sim. In fact you could shut down most of the nonessential programs that run in the background.
You could use "End-it-All",1759,697,00.asp if you like.

You of course realize neither I or this site can stand behind the driver cleaner or end it all. We have to say that.

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