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After a flight between cork and luton today in an Airbus A319 (IFR), I was on finals to Luton airport when the ATC told me to go around, which I did. But I fould that after that there were no instrutions telling me where to procead next. No Alt, Heading nothing.

After flying around the airport holding pattern for another 20minutes, again with no ATC instruction (I even tried re-tuning into other frequences, but it just kept telling me to go back to "Luton Tower") I decieded to make a landing of my own, which I totally mucked up.

Has anyone else had this problem, or is there a set procedure for aircraft on go-arounds that I don't know about? 🙂


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This happened to me once that I can recall for now. What I did was opened up ATC and selected the closest airport a nd re did my laning. It seems to happen more if you fly a great distance. For instance CLT (Charlotte NC) to IAD (Dulles Interernational) sometimes will tell me to go around. No explanation and no traffic other than maybe an aircraft on the ground not yet cleared from the runway.


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The built in ATC is very uneven in how it works. I've been left at an absurdly high altitude and then asked to expedite my descent. I've had the plane behind me cleared to takeoff before me. I've been on VFR final and handed off to approach and never received the "report when I have runway in sight", instruction. I've been asked to report traffic in sight 5 seconds after it streaked in front of me.

It would have been much better if MS had left it out and allowed someone who knew what they were doing produce an addon that worked properly.

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I too have had this happen now and again. At one time when told to go around (when I was only a few hundred feet from the runway) I chose to ignore it and land anyway. No AI traffic was in sight. Whilst exiting the runway, I was instructed to contact ground control and and was able to request parking to the gates.
Artificial Intelligence, is not infallable 🙂

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I've seen things like that also and was just thinking maybe it was only me. My experiences are mostly sitting on the taxiway waiting to take off. Once I sat for well over half an hour waiting while ATC kept letting incoming flights land. And yesterday at Houston (KIAH) I sat at the taxiway with around 15 planes behind me and none of us were cleared to take off. Here's some shots of the line.

What would be nice is if after about 10 minutes or so you could request again for take off, landing, or whatever it is ATC forgot.

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When that happens I take the iniative and taxi into position and I usually get cleared for takeoff right away. Very strange indeed.


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This seams a very common "fault" if I can put it like that.

There is nothing worse (especially with FSpassengers running) than coming onto final after a 4 hour or more flight and then getting told to go around.....then to contact airport departure who then totally ignore you and won't let you talk to anyone else.

Another problem that I have had more than once is that on an IFR flight, ATC forget to give you heading instructions and you end up flying 40-50 miles from your assigned flight plan.....I find that by requesting a "new" IFR destination and setting it the same as the original then it works fine.

Oh dear oh dear, I don't know..... I hope Flight Sim X has less bugs than this!

Oh btw Mithheru, is that a lil Cessna in the taxi queue (right screenie)? Awww, that is sweet :p

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Jason Melancon (Mithheru) First Officer

I'm not quite certain which type of plane it is, but it is a little tiny one right there inbetween all the big boys. Every time I swung the spot view around and saw it I thought that that pilot must really be on edge. One slip from either plane and it would get flattened easily.

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Looking at those two photographs I think your problem might be that you are holding short too close to the runway. The second one especially shows your nose over the hold short lines.

For an IFR runway there can be two sets of lines with the IFR hold lines being the furthest from the runway. The IFR lines look like a ladder laid on the ground across the taxiway.

I don't know exactly which point of the aircraft FS measures your position from but if it is the nose then you have in fact crossed the hold short line.

Still, if that is the case, you would be considered on the runway and the landing aircraft would be told to go around. My guess is that the points of reference for holding short and being on the runway are different.

Try stopping a little further back so the whole aircraft is behind the line and see if that makes any iprovement.

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this just happened to me - just now. jersey approach, far too fast so i announced going around and bla bla fine. i then got turned around and told to head 250. fine fine. then 290 - away from the airport. then 250, then 290 then see the pattern. after doing this for nearly 20 mins i cancelled the ifr and landed fine on guernsey instead since it was closer.

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I have had that same problem Mithheru. Only when I landed at KLAS on 25L I waited for over 45 minutes as the ATC kept letting planes depart and arrive on 25R, which kept me holding on the taxiway. I ran out of fuel if you can believe it.

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Ive had this before. This was at Teesside (Now known as Durham Tees Valley) I was behind a cessna and the cessna got told to taxi into position and hold, it was then cleared for takeoff and i could see 2 boeing 737's and 4 cessnas circling. I taxi'd to hold short and request takeoff. I was told to hold short and the boeing 737's and cessnas just kept getting told to go around even tho i was well behind hold short line. In the end the boeings just disappeared and i was sat there so i taxi'd into position and then tookoff and got the message blahblah109 u were not cleared for takeoff.

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