Landing runway 30 Miami Intl and getting multiple go arounds

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whats up when landing a IFR flight to runway 30 and having a good approach the tower tells you to go around so you follow all the instructions (which seem to take you a long way out from the airport) and on approach again another go around. So i just landed anyway just to see what would happen. After exiteing  the runway I waited and listen to the raido, and what do I hear, every plane appoaching got the go around. Also after my IFR status was cancled, i could request to taxi the gate. After receving taxi clearance and taxing I could see incomming aircraft abort the landing.  Is there some kind of flaw in the Miami programming? 
I have a desktop-8H5TADM Processer Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-10700F CPU @2.9GHz  64-bit operating system, x64-based processor  Video RTX 2070 super, nvidia compatible 
I had to purchase a new FSX Deluxe Idition as we couldn't get the one off of my old computer. 
This is my first post to flyaway simulation, been a member over a year and using Microsoft Flight Simulator since FS95

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