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Hey all. I know you have probably hear this a thousand times but when you create a flight how do you select a cold and dark start at a terminal? I think I finally have this VOR thing down and plan on a pleasant 172 flight from Brandywine to Ocean City Pa (My dreamflight should I ever actually get a 172 😉 ) Ha its funny im really excited im going to wait until tonight after I finish all my homework and do my first REAL flight from A to B I cant wait! Thanks guys

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Jonathan (99jolegg) Chief Captain

I've got a feeling, if you go to Select a flight on the main menu and go to My Saved Flights, cold and dark is in there. Not too sure though 😉

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CrashGordon Chief Captain

Here is an interesting trick. Park your favorite plane at your favorite airport. Shut down everything. Save the flight and make it your default flight.

Now every flight you start will be cold and dark. Doesn't matter which plane or which airport.

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RadarMan Chief Captain

Read these over and see if they are what you are looking for.


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