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ATC what the deuce?


I filed a flight plan for a Vor to Vor hop...the VCN Vor was directly bewteen the two ports, so I figured ATC would simply go with the flow of my scheduled flight plan...Afterall, they did confirm it..But once airborn, I was given a few headings...ok I figure, no problem...But then after 10 minutes I am 30 miles of course in the complete opposite direction, with ATC still giving me these insane vectors! What am I doing wrong?

madbrit Guest

Can you let us have more detail of the flightplan. IFR/VFR with flight following, which VORs, which aircraft, departure/arrival field, planned altitude etc.

Don Wood Guest

You may not be doing anything wrong. I don't know where VCN is but, if it's in a congested area, ATC often vectors transient and outbound aircraft for long distances to minimize that congestion. Try an IFR low-level flight across the New York City area and you'll see what I mean. In real life, I was once vectored almost 100 miles east of my planned flight route to get past New York. It just depends on the traffic level they have at the time you are flying.

On the other hand, it could also be something in FS9 or it could be something you are doing. There is not enough information in your question to be able to know. (don't flame me-that was not criticism. Even if you provided all the information you had, it is not enough to make an educated guess about the cause).

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