Holding patterns by any ATC??!

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Hi   i just can not seem to get an answer to this query at all from the huge world of aviation sim fans.I play with FSX.  The ATC in FSX does not issue holding patterns or ever tell you to enter one.Does anyone here use an ATC Addon that actually issues the pilot to enter a Holding pattern.   I have spent 4 weeks learning about holding patterns and holding pattern entrys and now im ready to fly the sim i dont want to loose this. I want to practise it more!ATC addons i know of below.Radar Connect  (no idea if atc issues holding entry)Pilot2ATC (Asked them already they dont have holding patterns - disappointing as i was going to purchase this as it seems the best offline atc)pd3  (no idea if issues holding patterns) Anyone please be specific with your answers of direct experience of any  ATC addon issuing holding patterns. regards

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I never used this but it's been around for a long time.



Hi radarman..

im not sure if you read what i asked.. or maybe i dont know much about that answer.. but  i am asking about an ATC addon issuing you into holding patterns.  A holding pattern is when you approach an airport and you are put into hold on specific radials etc.

what you linked seems like a voice pack change which im not after currently.

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excellent radarman i will look.

yes i did hear stuff about vatsim.. im going to research it a bit more. 

Radar contact im not sure if that issues holding patterns.

PFE looks promising.. says it will handle missed approaches.. which a bonus. If it handles holding patterns then bingo its the one im after.  


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