Big Problem during installation

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Hey guys,
first of all I have to say you guys have nice forum here, i looked around a bit.

Well, unfortunately I got a big problem,
since my job allows me a little more time again i was gonna put FS2004 back on my computer (its a new one , too).
Well I tried everything , but i just cant get it to work.
its installing till 100 percent and then when it try's to load the scenerys my whole system just shuts down.
I tried this 3 times and it always happened.
I got good vans , its not to hot or anything.

Then i thought i could install it on the laptop and drag it over via Lan, it shuts down again.

I just dont get why my system doesn't like the flight simulator and doesnt allow me to work with the files. I cant even put it on my hard drive :/

I would appreaciate it if you could get me some help , I'm about to get crazy...

Some infos to my system.

amd xp 64 ( installed the normal xp pro.)
3500 +
Radeon X800 256 Pci express
1 gig ram

Greetings ,

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Are your CDs in a good condition(scratches,handprints etc)...Are your copies illegal?There are lot of reasons which maybe cause this problem... Dont Know

Flight sim nap Guest

Ya the CD's are fine , i can install the game on the Laptop without any problems. It just won't work on my computer.

Cd's are original , bought them right when it came out..

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Be sure that you have a folder in "My Documents" (Flight Simulator Files) and read this link and see if some of the steps help.


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Greekman72 Chief Captain

Well ok.Try the following steps:

1. Check your My Documents if there is an the Flight Simulator Files folder.It must be generated there when you install FS.
2. Try a different drive that this you have install it from
3. Do you have enough Disk space?(a disk cleanup and defragment is recommended)
4. Are there any other programs running on background of your system?
Try to disable some of them.There are some programs help you in it like ➡

Let us know 😉

Flight sim Nap Guest

Ok I thank you people,

I'll have time to try it tomorrow, I did this defragment before i installed it the second time this didn't help but I'll try the pages .

I'll post tomorrow how it went out.

Thanks again,


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Hi back,

Well, I tried everything out but for some reason it still won't work, I just don't get it , I never experienced anything like that before .

I'm thankful for all your help though,
If anyone still has a tip , please post it .

Thank you,
greetings patrick

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Greekman72 Chief Captain

If i was in you position i will also try to unistall and reinstal my VGA card.
To be sure clean up your VGAs drivers with the following program ➡

....and then do a fresh installation.

Feel free to ask anything you like... 😉

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hms_endeavour Chief Captain

i can't really help you 😞 ,but i still wish you good luck! 😉

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